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      General Questions

      Here are the answers to the most common queries we get about our services.
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      In today’s day and age, when there is a cut-throat competition between multiple businesses solving similar problems, customer experience offered by your business becomes one of the most crucial factors that sets you apart. Thus, it becomes imperative to understand your customer and their needs. While solving a problem is an issue that comes later, identifying the problem first is difficult in itself. The chances of an unhappy customer returning to your business and letting you know about the negative points are bleak. This is where we come in to help you, not just with identifying the critical customer experience issues, but also with the solutions for the same.

      1-time audit – We audit your store/business once (multiple auditors) and get back to you with the report and analysis.

      1+ audits – We get your business audited multiple times by different mystery auditors over a period of time, so as to cover all the aspects. It also gives you time to implement a decision and analyze its impact in real-time. This is recommended for a better and comprehensive understanding and solutions. After understanding your business needs, we offer you the optimum plan which suits your business the best. However, at the same time, we offer you enough flexibility to mold it the way you like it to be. Thus, the offer is negotiable in terms of the number of audits you prefer to have.

      The pricing depends on a number of factors such as industry/sector, number of outlets, duration of the contract, etc. So the pricing will be determined based on your specific business needs and shall be finalized once an agreement over the audit pattern is reached.

      Demo Pricing – At a flat charge between INR 10K – 20K, we will conduct a small-scale audit for your business* and present the final output report. Sample size to be decided basis factors such as type of audit, number of auditors required, etc.

      Demo is designed in a way that it captures and highlights the major flaws in the customer experience process and maximizes value for the businesses. Highly suitable for start-ups and small-scale businesses.

      Customers are of the utmost priority today. If you don’t keep your customers satisfied, they will move on to your competitors. As a business grows, investment in Customer Experience Development increases significantly. In this age of cut-throat competition, it becomes all the more important for start-ups and small businesses to invest in customers. Mystery audit is the beginning of the process; It helps you make smart and sensible investments in enhancing customer experience by highlighting the areas that need urgent and utmost attention, from the customer’s point of view.

      Our trained and dedicated mystery auditors go through the entire customer experience, from the beginning till the end, as offered by your business. Throughout the process, the auditors keep a note of each and every qualitative and quantitative aspect that a customer comes across. Post this, they fill out a detailed questionnaire specifically curated for your business to help us understand the shortcomings better. Our team then analyses the survey results and conducts further research to suggest the most feasible and efficient solutions to the problems faced by your business.

      A demo audit is a small scale audit (with a low sample size) conducted at a minimal charge. As compared to the actual audit wherein multiple auditors are used, in a demo audit we use a mix of actual auditors and our own specialists from the team as auditors to experience the product/service on a small scale and prepare a concise report of the analysis. This helps the client to identify a few high level flaws and majorly assists in understanding the use-case of mystery audit for them and how a large scale audit would help them.

      (We highly recommend small businesses to opt for a demo audit and price it accordingly.)