The Mystico


The client is a women’s clothing brand which deals in premium work wear and casual wear. It sells its product direct- to – consumer through its e-commerce website and also through other e-commerce stores. Our objective was to identify the purchase and post purchase experience of the website in order to improve customer servicing.


After going through a thorough mystery audit process, involving multiple visits and multiple auditors, we noted a few points. A few of the points are:

  • Purchase experience was the most dented (~60% satisfaction) due to unavailability of customer reviews and an expected delivery date
  • Absence of “Order History” meant that customers could not view their orders and raise grievances
  • No call-to-action, vis-a- vis promotions were available on the website which was a serious concern according to ~60% customers
  • Customer contact (message/call/email) was highly dented, signified by poor customer satisfaction in the area


Based on the issues that we noticed, we made recommendations to the client. The client adopted some new measures and introduced some new sections. After a second review of the brand, the overall customer satisfaction improved noticeably and overall purchase experience score to ~85%