The Mystico


The client is a fashion retail chain. The products are sold through retail outlets (majority sales) and online. Our objective was to assess the conversion rate of visitors on websites and post purchase experience and recommend policy changes to improve the overall CSAT score and NPS.


After going through a thorough mystery audit process, involving multiple visits and multiple auditors, we noted a few points. A few of the points are:

  • A few stores with lower than target customer satisfaction score were highlighted and required immediate attention
  • The stock situation in some stores was not being reported to the company authorities in a true manner
  • The customers were not being greeted upon entering some stores, making the customers feel slightly helpless and hindered their ability to look for the ideal product; no bond was being created by the staff with the customers, hampering the overall customer experience and sales


Based on the issues noticed, we made recommendations to the client. The client adopted some new measures and focused on training the employees. The second review of a few stores (highlighted in the audit) is pending, delayed due to the COVID 2nd wave.