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Which industries use Mystery Audit?

Banks, hotels, theatres, car dealerships, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, call centers, restaurants, parks, gyms, spas, franchising operations, government organizations and airlines the list is seemingly endless. Mystery shoppers can be used by any business that wants to gauge customer satisfaction with a product, service, facility, or operation. This means that mystery shoppers aren’t just “shopping,” but are also “experiencing” the services.

According to statistics, up to 90% of unsatisfied clients will not express their dissatisfaction with the service directly, but will instead turn to the competition. Mystery shopping aids in the examination of repeat business, which is likely one of the most crucial parts of a successful company.

Apart from customer retention, mystery shoppers are used to assess staff integrity, check facility conditions, improve customer service areas, ensure high product quality and to gather other market research data.

The MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) conducted one of the first tests to quantify how many businesses were using mystery shopping. Over 8.1 million mystery shops were conducted and the businesses who employed mystery shopping as a market research technique saw an average growth of over 10%.

So, get your services assessed today, with us.

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